Boarding Bathing

Pet Boarding and Bathing

Feline Boarding

Temple Heights Animal Hospital understands that your pet is a family member and we strive to provide excellent service to you and quality care for your pet. Our feline ward provides a nice spacious condo for your cat to stay in. It is quiet, climate controlled, and has resting areas at two different heights to provide additional personal space. We offer Royal Canin wet and dry cat food. In addition, you are more than welcome to bring in your own food and personal items for your bathing dog

Canine Boarding

Our dog kennel offers a wide range of cages and runs to accommodate different types of dogs. We have small and medium cages for smaller dogs and for those who wish to be in a quiet environment. We also offer runs for larger dogs that need more space.

Each standard stay includes; 2 meals, 3 walks and a treat before bedtime. The dog kennel is cleaned and disinfected daily.

We offer Royal Canin wet and dry dog food, however if your dog is on a special diet, you may bring your own food for us to give them. While your pet is staying with us we can brush their teeth, brush their hair, give nail trims, bath them and administer medication. Just let us know when you drop off your animal.

Boarding Process

The staff and doctors at Temple Heights Animal Hospital would like to take a moment to thank you for choosing to board your pet with us. If this is your first visit and your pet has been vaccinated elsewhere, please bring a current copy of your pet’s vaccine records. Dogs must be current on Bordetella, DHPP, Corona, and Rabies. Cats must be current on FVR-CP, FELV, , Calici and Rabies. We recommend pets receive these vaccines at least 2 weeks prior for full immunity. We also require that both cats and dogs have a current intestinal parasite exam and that they be flea free.

Bathing Services

Temple Heights Animal Hospital provides various kinds of baths for your pets skin needs. Medicated baths for skin infections, inflammation, and allergies are available. Baths for external parasites like fleas, ticks, lice, and skin mites are also offered.

We carry a large variety of shampoos, conditioners, and deodorants to make your pet look and smell its best. Temple Heights Animal Hospital bathes your pet with a hydro surge system then they are dried with a warm air dryer. Their coats are combed and brushed out prior to going home. In addition, we clean their ears, trim their nails, and express their anal glands at no additional charge.

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