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Heartworm Control

Heartworm Control at Temple Heights Animal Hospital in Oceanside

Temple Heights Animal Hospital tests pets for heartworm disease. Fortunately, the risk to cats in Southern California for this disease is very low.

Dogs in our area, however, remain at risk for developing heartworm disease. The disease starts as a bite from an infected mosquito. The larvae enter the dog's body and take up residence in the heart and large vessels of the lungs. Over time, this can affect blood flow throughout the body, impacting the heart, lungs, kidney, and liver. Heartworm disease is a silent killer that has been identified in all 50 states. This disease is preventable with monthly oral medications, or an injectable medication every six months.

Temple Heights Animal Hospital advocates yearly heartworm testing and heartworm preventative with Interceptor Plus. The added advantage of these medications is that they also treat for several intestinal parasites monthly.

If your pet is not protected with a preventable medication and contracts the disease, it can be treated. However, the treatment is very costly and your pet may have complications from this treatment, even death. Therefore, it is much safer and less expensive to treat with a preventative on a monthly basis.

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