Vaccinations at Temple Heights Animal Hospital in Oceanside

Temple Heights Animal Hospital offers Low Cost Vaccinations for a full-range of diseases. We offer Low Cost Vaccines during our normal business hours. Vaccinations are important, even for indoor pets. Vaccinations protect your beloved pet from painful and often fatal diseases. They help ensure a long and happy life for your pet, with many hours of enjoyment for you with your animal companion. Your pet’s age, health, lifestyle, and environment can all affect the vaccination schedule.

An important part of Wellness Care is having your pet up-to-date with vaccinations. Along with wellness examinations, preventive vaccinations and regularly scheduled boosters are keys to good health and disease prevention. Today, many immunizations and preventive treatments are available that did not exist just a few years ago. Your pet can be protected from most major infectious diseases. And the cost of vaccinations is very small, compared to the cost of treating a disease or of losing your pet altogether.

Temple Heights Animal Hospital offers Low Cost Vaccines everyday! Our vaccine prices are less than most supposed Low Cost Vaccine clinics. 

1. You do not have to wait in line.

2. Your pet is not exposed to other diseases waiting in line.

3. Your pet receives vaccines in a clean hospital environment under the supervision of a licensed Veterinarian not in a parking lot, in the hot sun

Give us a call today to discuss our Low Cost Vaccines and receive prices we encourage you to call and compare prices as we did.

Please feel free to discuss with the veterinarian which vaccinations and schedules are best for your pet.

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